the amendment of GO 26/2000
August 10, 2021 rcplegal 0 Comments

Romanian non-governmental organizations interested in participating in the public consultation on the amendment of Government Ordinance 26/2000 were invited by the Ministry of Justice to complete and submit the form available on the website at the email address until 16.08.2021. According to the press release from each organization, only one representative can be appointed.

The purpose of the consultation is to define the issues that still affect the activity of NGOs and to identify intervention solutions through public policies. The process will be transparent, a summary of the debates in the working groups will be published on the Ministry of Justice’s website.

We remind that, in support of civil society, the Ministry of Justice proposed to accelerate the process of digital transformation of the Register of Associations and Foundations, as well as the procedures for registration / amendment of articles of association and dissolution of associations and foundations, in the context of accelerating the process of digital transformation of services, taking into account the EU strategy for the digital future.

A possible solution that would increase the efficiency of both the procedures and the IT system is to transfer the Register of Associations and Foundations from the Ministry of Justice to the National Office of the Trade Register.

This would mean the integration of the register in the Trade Registry’s IT system, a system whose architecture allows faster and more complex interrogation by citizens.

Regarding the procedures, there can be three options: a) registration with Trade Registry, without judicial control

b) registration with Trade Registry in the presence of a delegated judge or an official with a status assimilated to magistrates

c) keeping the current registration system in court and transmission of documents in digital format from the courts to Trade Registry.


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