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The Labor Inspectorate, a specialized body of the central public administration, subordinated to the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, controls the correct and unitary application of general and special legal provisions governing labor relations and has as its main objective ensuring a safe and healthy work environment.

In fulfilling the general objectives, in the field of labor relations, the Labor Inspectorate has control attributions regarding:

  • identification and combating undeclared work;
  • framing, execution, modification, suspension and cessation of the activity of the persons carrying out any activity on the basis of an individual employment contract;
  • employment of foreign citizens in Romania;
  • protection of Romanian citizens working abroad;
  • secondment of employees within the provision of transnational services;
  • compliance with the operating conditions of temporary work agents;
  • drawing up, completing and transmitting the general register of employees;
  • the performance of the activity by the daily workers;
  • evidence of collective labor contracts at unit level;
  • observance of the principle of equal treatment between women and men, in labor relations;
  • teleworking activity;
  • apprenticeship at work and internship for higher education graduates;
  • observance of the employees’ rights in case of transfer of the enterprise, of the unit or of some parts of them;
  • establishing the general framework for informing and consulting employees.

In order to achieve the objectives established by the Framework Action Program of the Labor Inspectorate, in the field of labor relations, in 2020, campaign-type, thematic and substantive control actions were carried out at all categories of employers. In the control actions, regardless of the type of control, the following were verified:

  • compliance with the legal provisions regarding employment;
  • transmission of individual employment contracts in the general register of employees;
  • the legality of the clauses stipulated in the individual employment contracts and the manner of their execution;
  • compliance with the legal provisions regarding working time and rest.

On the occasion of the current control actions and of the specific campaigns, organized at national level, the labor inspectors also made informations of the employers regarding the obligations incumbent on them in the field of labor relations, especially regarding the consequences of using undeclared work. The control actions in 2020 led to the following results:

  • 66,818 total controls performed;
  • 15,594 total sanctioned employers;
  • 23,421 total sanctions applied, of which:
  • 9174 fines and 14,247 warnings;
  • 123,437,800 lei the total value of the fines applied, of which:
  • 123,033,100 lei the value of the fines applied to the employers; 404,700 lei the amount of fines applied to individuals;
  • 86,309 total measures ordered as a result of the detected non-conformities.

Source: Activity report issued publicly for 2020 by the Labor Inspectorate

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