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Work for minors is allowed in Romania but only with the fulfillment of special conditions, given that the natural person acquires the capacity to work at the age of 16.

The employment of persons under the age of 15 is prohibited.

  • The natural person can conclude an employment contract as an employee and at the age of 15, with the consent of his parents or legal representatives, for activities appropriate to his physical development, skills and knowledge.
  • Employment in hard, harmful or dangerous jobs can be done after reaching the age of 18.

Withdrawal of the consent of parents or legal representatives in the case of minors under 15 years of age, until reaching the age of 16, has as a consequence the legal termination of the employment contract.

Working time

  • The duration of working time is 6 hours / day and 30 hours / week.
  • Young people up to 18 years old cannot provide extra work.
  • Young people up to 18 years old cannot work at night.
  • Young people up to 18 years of age benefit from a lunch break of at least 30 minutes, if the daily duration of working time is longer than 4 and a half hours.
  • Young people up to 18 years of age benefit from an additional rest leave of at least 3 working days.

The salary granted for working time is at least at the level of the minimum wage in the economy.

Also, young people aged 16-18 can be trained professionally on the basis of an apprenticeship contract, respecting the working conditions for minors or can perform daily work in the same conditions described above, they can also conclude paid internship contracts.


The employment of a minor with non-compliance with the legal age conditions or his use for performing activities in violation of the legal provisions regarding the work of minors is a crime and is punishable by imprisonment from 3 months to 2 years or a fine.

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