Indication of sales prices to consumers
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Decision no. 947/2000 regulates the indication of the selling price and the price per unit of measure for the existing products in the sales areas, offered by the economic operators to the consumers, in order to inform them completely, correctly and precisely and to allow them to compare easily the prices.

The sale price and the price per unit of measurement are expressed in lei and are indicated in a clear, legible and easy to identify form. If sellers provide information on prices in other currencies, they must be clear and easy to understand. Delivery costs – packaging and transport – may be mentioned separately, clearly, easy to identify and legible.

The indication of the prices is made so that the consumer in the sales area can see them in the presentation places without asking the seller. They are indicated on or next to the products or can be included in a list or in a catalog, together with the prices of other products, in their immediate vicinity. An example of a price that can be displayed in the catalog is for jewelry, cosmetics, or other types of products that do not allow the indication by default on each product, in compliance with the relevant rules. In case of using the catalogs, the seller must ensure a sufficient number of copies available to consumers, and if the prices are in the external windows, they are indicated so that the consumer can easily see them without entering the sales area.

For prepackaged products, the price per unit of measure and the selling price corresponding to the prepackaged quantity must be indicated. In the case of prepackaged products for which the regulations in force provide for the indication of both the nominal quantity and the mass of the solid component, it is sufficient to indicate the price per unit of measurement of the solid component. For products sold in bulk by weighing or measuring it is mandatory to indicate only the price per unit of measurement.

The indication of the sale price and / or the price per unit of measurement is mandatory for any type of advertising in which reference is made to the price. In the case of advertising intended for distance selling, it is mandatory to inform on the selling price and on the price per unit of measure.

The following products are exempted from the indication of the price per unit of measure:

a) foods that are the object of consumption on the spot in: catering units, tourist reception structures, cinemas, theaters, educational institutions, hospitals, dormitories and camps for children and youth;

b) prepackaged products in quantities less than 50 grams or milliliters, as well as those greater than 10 kilograms or liters;

c) prepackaged products sold by itinerant sellers by means of trolleys, caravans, of all types of means of transport;

d) products sold through a vending machine;

e) in case the information on the price per unit of measurement would not be useful to the consumer or would create confusions, respectively:

  • advertising with short exposure time, in which the information can create confusion;
  • promotional offers in which the price has been reduced due to product damage and / or the danger of it deteriorating;
  • assorted products sold in a single package, at which the price per unit of measure of each product would create confusion, and the indication of the price of a single product would be misleading.

Failure to indicate the price per unit of measure constitutes a contravention and is sanctioned with a fine from 500 lei to 2,500 lei.

The ascertainment of the contraventions and the application of the sanctions are made by the inspectors of the National Authority for Consumer Protection, as well as by the empowered representatives of other bodies of the public administration, according to the competences.

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