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From 9 March the Government Decision no. 171 of 3 February 2022 on the extension of the state of alert on the territory of Romania has ceased its effects.

The end of the alert state entails other effects established with regard to some acts which during the alert state have ceased to be valid. Law 55/2020 provides by way of general provision that the validity of documents issued by public institutions and authorities, as well as private entities authorised under the law, shall be maintained for the entire period of the alert state, as well as for a period of 90 days after the end of the alert state.
Thus, individuals whose documents have expired during this period will be able to use them until 6 June 2022. Here we refer to the extension, among others, of documents such as:

  • identity cards, floating visas;
  • car licences;
  • provisional driving licences – the validity of the document is extended only if there is a valid compulsory motor third party liability insurance policy for the car registered in it.

In the employment relationships during the alert state, home work or teleworking was possible based on a unilateral decision of the employer. Once the state of alert ends, employees are obliged to return to the premises to work, unless there is a bilateral agreement between the employee and the employer stating that the employees still have the possibility to work in a hybrid system.
By 22 April 2022 employers are obliged to initiate collective bargaining and start this procedure if during the alert state the collective labour contract has expired and remained valid according to Law 55/2020. Collective labour contracts and collective labour agreements have been extended during the alert state and will be valid until 6 June 2022.
Technical suspension and resumption of activity: if activity has been totally or partially interrupted as a result of measures taken against the spread of SARS CoV 2 virus, with the end of the alert state, the reason for suspension ceases and activity will be resumed.

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