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Raluca Comanescu
Managing Partner & Founder

Phone: (+40) 747 028 985


‣ Labor Law
‣ Intellectual Property Law
‣ Commercial Law
‣ Insurrance Law
‣ Consumer's Rights
‣ Corporate Law
‣ Mergers and acquisitions
‣ Contracts
‣ Litigations


Raluca Comanescu is a member of the Bucharest Bar and the Association of Romanian Lawyers, Raluca is specialized in providing legal advice and involvement in disputes arising from labor law and employment, intellectual property law and unfair competition, disputes between professionals, insolvency, civil litigation. She is also a skills assessor and professional training expert certified by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Labor and Social Justice, thus offering legal assistance and representation before the court and the Romanian Public Ministry.

Raluca has relevant knowledge regarding personal data, terms and conditions and privacy policy, being co-author of the book "GDPR for business", an effective guide for companies.

Having extensive knowledge about copyright and copyright infringement, Raluca offers assistance to our clients in terms of copyright management and protection, artists and performers, successfully interfacing the relationship between collective management bodies and clients.

Her experience is recommended in copyright litigation, trademark infringement, labor litigation, insurance litigation, and administrative litigation.

What characterizes Raluca is her ambition and desire to find a solution to the current legal and business problems faced by entrepreneurs on the Romanian market, but also at the international level.


Raluca achieved great successes on the legislative amendment side by raising and admitting some exceptions of unconstitutionality that changed the practice in the road and automobile field. She also succeeded in canceling a service instruction of the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks that fundamentally changed the procedure for registering trademarks at the national level.

Clients recommend her for the quality of understanding the functioning mechanism of businesses and her involvement both from the legal point of view as well as from an operational point of view.

Her vision is to cultivate a modern law firm that delivers quickly and efficiently.