The official launch of the platform

We are pleased to announce the official launch of Padahu is an online auction platform where you can connect through a social network with shippers, recipients, carriers and shipping companies that form a global (online) transportation market and have access to better prices and can provide reviews about their experience.

Padahu is the embodiment of the vision of a structured and transparent transport market network in which all participants have equal and unlimited access to all information, globally. It is a place where the shipper can effortlessly publish its cargo, connect and collaborate with its recipients, and where carriers and shipping companies can directly identify market demand through intelligent algorithms, expanding their coverage. to new markets and routes.

Padahu is a tool through which shippers, carriers, shipping companies and recipients gain access depend on their shipments through calendars, data analysis, messaging and notifications, all integrated into the platform.

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The official launch of the platform has been launched, the remedial education tool created by NARADA, through which Teachers can connect in a Platform in order to create interactive educational content, according to the school program that Students can consume either independently or in classes organized by Teachers. Teachers can check their accumulated knowledge and transform the results obtained in benefits such as products or tickets to shows, vouchers to bookstores, etc.

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