The official launching of

We are proud to announce the official launching of Padahu, is an online bid auction platform, where all the parts from A to B, are being interconnected in a social network of expeditors, recipients, transporters and forwarders, who structure a global (web) market of transport and they can access better prices and review their experience.

Padahu, is the materialization of the vision of a structured and transparent market grid where all the participants, have equal and unlimited access in all the information globally. A place where the expeditor can effortlessly publish loads, connect and collaborate with their recipients, and where the transporters and forwarders can directly match with the demand through smart algorithms, expanding their reach in markets and routes Beyond limits.

Padahu, is a tool where expeditors transporters forwarders and recipients can gain full access of their transportations through integrated calendars, data analytics, in-platform messaging and notifications.

Check out their website here:

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