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terms and conditions rcp legal

1. The use of the website www.rcp-legal.ro, in any way, including by simply visiting the site implies the acceptance of the Terms and Conditions in full and every time you access our site. We invite you to read this document carefully in order to be aware of our policy whenever you will want to request legal assistance from Raluca Comanescu & Asociatii SCA (hereinafter referred to as “RCP”).

2. The owner of the website www.rcp-legal.ro is Raluca Comanescu & Asociatii SCA (Attorneys-at-law), a legal entity that is organized and operates in accordance with the legislation that regulates the activity carried out by lawyers applicable in Romania, being registered and authorized by the Bucharest Bar according to the founding decision.

3. The purpose of the website www.rcp-legal.ro is to inform its users about the news in the legal field, the activity carried out by the RCP team, as well as the news from the sectors in which we provide legal assistance to our clients. RCP does not intend to carry out any commercial activity through the website, but only those legal activities allowed by the legislation that regulates the activity carried out by lawyers applicable in Romania.

! The professional training activity offered by the RCP team represents the clients’ preparation and presentation of different practical issues that the RCP team encountered during its practice. These professional trainings are meant to prevent the violation of the relevant legislation and do not end with the granting of certificates or attestations to the clients or their employees.

4. The terms and conditions may be changed at any time by RCP, without the need for prior notification to the website’s users. Any interested user has permanent access to the Terms and Conditions and can follow the changes made by accessing the site www.rcp-legal.ro/termeni-si-conditii.

5. The Website may be used only for the purpose for which it was designed, as described in these Terms and Conditions. Any user may copy or print the information found on the website only for his personal use, being prohibited the commercial exploitation of the information in any way without cumulative fulfillment of the following two conditions: written agreement of RCP and endorsement of the source of information (www.rcp-legal.ro) without eliminating information regarding the intellectual property on the materials owned by RCP.

RCP does not assume responsibility for accessing other websites published on its own page. The users will assume the Terms and Conditions on the respective websites and / or the Privacy Policy of the respective web pages.

6. The website contains general information regarding the legal field in form of current news, general information, published articles etc. Any information found on the website www.rcp-legal.ro is general and cannot be considered as legal assistance activity offered by Raluca Comanescu & Asociatii SCA. RCP does not assume responsibility for any prejudice caused by the information in the legal field that can be found on the website www.rcp-legal.ro, especially if it is used by users in relation to any other natural person or legal entity.

7. Also, under no circumstances, the information found on the website www.rcp-legal.ro does not represent the activity of representation before the courts or other public institutions that the collaborating lawyers or associates within RCP offer after concluding the legal assistance agreements provided by law. No activity provided by the legislation regulating the activity carried out by lawyers in Romania will be performed by RCP without concluding a legal assistance agreement.

8. By accessing the website it is possible that we process your personal data, more information can be found in the section on the Privacy Policy.